Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reflection on WVa

After spending the month of January in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia, I have returned with some amazing experiences and media. I spent most of my time in January doing media work — photography, video and writing — and coming back to Oberlin I have a body of work to edit, refine and compile for the purpose of sharing my experiences and the story of the true cost of coal. I have posted a portion of my photography on this blog. Below is some video work that we accomplished at Climate Ground Zero during a direct action tree sit that took place mid-January. I am planning to put together an exhibit to help educate Oberlin student.

Please check out press releases from the tree sit!

WVa: Rock Creek Hollow

WVa: Lindytown. The "Home" Series.

Below are scans of some 6x6 film I shot in what used to be Lindytown, WV. Less than a year ago this was a town with homes and families. When I visited half of the houses lay in piles, the other half boarded up. Now, I imagine, all of the houses have been demolished.